Getting Started

2 ways to get started!

1 - Take our CrossFit Cardio Classes!

If you are new to CrossFit, you can jump right into any of our CrossFit Cardio classes!


Since these classes focus more on toning and fat burning, there is no heavy weightlifting and the Elements clinics are not required before taking these classes.


But make no mistake, these classes are just as challenging as our traditional CrossFit classes, but with just less of a focus on strength conditioning.

2 - Take our elements clinics!

If you have not done CrossFit before and are interested in taking our traditional CrossFit classes, you will need to complete the Elements clinics.


Elements clinics are not workouts, but instead a hands-on, seminar-style environment that focuses on teaching and improving form and technique among the foundational movements of CrossFit.


Elements clinics are designed to familiarize you with the Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting movements that you will often find in traditional CrossFit classes. The clinics are divided into 2 parts that are grouped by similar movements. You can take the Elements clinics in any order that is convenient for you.


Elements clinics are not required for our CrossFit Cardio classes.

Reserve your first class here!

Check out the available Elements Clinics below:

Elements I

Elements II

Elements 2: Saturday 03/10
Elements 1: Saturday 03/17
Elements 2: Saturday 03/24
Elements 1: Saturday 03/31

Elements 2: Saturday 04/07
Elements 1: Saturday 04/14
Elements 2: Saturday 04/21
Elements 1: Saturday 04/28

Elements 2: Saturday 05/05
Elements 1: Saturday 05/12
Elements 2: Saturday 05/19
Elements 1: Saturday 05/26

For those interested in getting done with their Elements clinics faster or if Sundays are more convenient, we also have Elements clinics available at our sister gym (CrossFit Woodland Hills)

CrossFit Woodland HillsElements Clinic Schedule:
Elements 1: Sunday 03/11
Elements 2: Sunday 03/18
Elements 1: Sunday 03/25

Elements 2: Sunday 04/01
Elements 1: Sunday 04/08
Elements 2: Sunday 04/15
Elements 1: Sunday 04/22

Elements 2: Sunday 04/29
Elements 1: Sunday 05/06
Elements 2: Sunday 05/13
Elements 1: Sunday 05/20
Elements 2: Sunday 05/27




Why do you offer Elements clinics?


The CrossFit classes don’t always have weightlifting in them, but when they do we want our athletes to be comfortable with these movements. We understand that CrossFit can be intimidating enough the first time, and we don’t believe in throwing people in a class and letting them just “figure it out.” It’s not safe, and it’s a bad first impression of CrossFit.

After completion of the Elements clinics, our athletes will have a solid foundational knowledge when they come across these movements in a class for the first time. We want our athletes to go into a CrossFit class confident in knowing how to lift safely and effectively.


I’m in good shape and naturally athletic. Do I have to take the Elements clinics?


Yes. Athleticism has nothing to do with it. In Elements clinics you will be learning skills and technique.   Unless you have a background in powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, it’s something you'll need to establish a base understand through Elements clinics so you'll stay safe!


If I’ve done CrossFit before do I have to take the Elements clinics?


If someone has been doing CrossFit consistently for at least 3 months, then they may be knowledgeable enough with the lifting movements and can request to be tested out of the Elements clinics.  Send us an email and we can set up a time for you to meet with a coach and they will assess your competency by having you to correctly demonstrate a handful of technical Oly movements.

Some movements that you may asked to demonstrate include hang snatch, split jerk, power clean, etc. If those are unfamiliar and you can't perform them without guidance from the coach, then you'll need to complete the Elements clinics to brush up on the lifting movements and help ensure a safe start!


How much are the Elements clinics?


Elements clinics are free to members and those with class packages. They do not count against your classes. You can take Elements clinics as many times as you want to hone your lifting skills!


The times you offer the Elements clinics are difficult for me to attend. Do you have any other times?


We offer another free Elements clinic on Saturdays at our sister gym (CrossFit Woodland Hills). You can also get one-on-one training at a time that's more convenient for you by purchasing a personal training session.  Email us and we can set up a time and coach that's works better with your schedule.


Should I do the CrossFit or the CrossFit Cardio classes?


It depends on what kind of results you're looking for.  While both are equally challenging workouts that are based on the CrossFit programming and methodology,  CrossFit Cardio is geared slightly more toward metabolic conditioning and toning the body.  Traditional CrossFit will be more strength-biased and incorporate more technical barbell movements.

Practically speaking, because an athlete can jump right into a CrossFit Cardio class without needing a CrossFit background, there will be more CrossFit newbies in these classes which makes for a less intimidating atmosphere for some that enjoy being in classes with others that are new to CrossFit.