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Monday thru Friday:

6:00am-7:00am – CrossFit
7:15am-8:00am – CrossFit Cardio

8:45am-9:45am – CrossFit
10:00am-10:45am – CrossFit Cardio

4:30pm-5:15pm – CrossFit Cardio
5:30pm-6:30pm – CrossFit
6:45pm-7:30pm – CrossFit Cardio
7:45pm-8:45pm – CrossFit (except on friday)


9:00am-10:00am – CrossFit
10:15am-11:00am – CrossFit Cardio
11:15am-12:15pm – Elements Clinic

If you are new to CrossFit, you must attend the Elements I and Elements II clinics before being eligible to take our traditional CrossFit classes. However, CrossFit Cardio classes are open to all levels and can be taken immediately with no prerequisites.

Click here to learn more about available Elements clinics!