Tyler Gaskin

Tyler is a well-rounded and well-respected athlete in the CrossFit community. Growing up he played nearly every competitive sport known to man, so CrossFit was a no brainer when he first discovered it; since then you can find him WODing, WODing, and occasionally WODing again. Tyler is a CrossFit-certified instructor that brings a great sense of motivation and encouragement to his athletes. His love and passion for training others really defines him as a person. When you take his class, there’s no doubt that CrossFit is his true passion and training others is something that he was born to do.

Pam Matew

Pam has a diverse background as an athlete, which include swimming, diving, biking, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, snowboarding and salsa dancing. After graduating college, she hadn’t been able to find anything remotely close to what playing sports felt like until she stumbled upon CrossFit in late 2011. She immediately fell in love with CrossFit, especially Olympic lifting, became a competitive athlete and a CrossFit-Certified coach. As a coach, she likes to fine tune her athletes and perfect form and technique above all else, while being positive and uplifting to anyone that takes her class.

Lesley Hernandez

A studious marching band nerd, Lesley walked into CrossFit with little to no athletic background. After falling in love with CrossFit and dedicating years to crafting her knowledge of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and power lifting, she has become an ideal reflection of what CrossFit is and what it can do. Lesley has a firm belief that anyone can participate in CrossFit and encourages all of her athletes to work hard toward their goals. A byproduct of CrossFit, Lesley shows her athletes that you don’t have to be a superstar athlete to succeed in CrossFit– all that’s needed is an open mind, a dedicated heart, and the willingness to learn.

Spencer Simmons

Spencer’s athletic career started at a very young age, participating in every sport he could, including soccer, baseball, gymnastics, football and wrestling. Spencer not only proved himself as an athlete but as a leader and motivator as well. He eventually went on to coach the middle school wrestling program and participate in Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. This ultimately led him to his passion, the sport of CrossFit. Spencer holds his CrossFit Level-1 certificate and plans on continuing his education as a CrossFit athlete and coach.