Hayley Montroy

Hayley has been an athlete her whole life, participating in gymnastics, softball, snowboarding, horseback riding, and swimming to name a few. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she was a collegiate cheerleader. As a natural teacher and mentor, Hayley also coaches at Notre Dame High School and incorporates CrossFit into their conditioning program. As she puts it, “CrossFit helps my athletes build endurance and makes them stronger both physically and mentally!” Hayley is a CrossFit-certified instructor that brings a great combination of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to all of her classes.

Michael Miller

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Michael moved to California in 2004. He rowed for his college Crew team all four years, competed on a national level and landed a regional championship. He has been training and competing CrossFit for the last three and a half years, is CrossFit-Certified, and brings both experience and excitement to all of his classes. “Learning to push the limits of what you think you can do and what you actually can do is the most exciting thing about CrossFit. It will translate to your life.” Coach Michael loves the sport and shares that love with everyone he coaches.

Tyler Gaskin

Tyler is a well-rounded and well-respected athlete in the CrossFit community. Growing up he played nearly every competitive sport known to man, so CrossFit was a no brainer when he first discovered it; since then you can find him WODing, WODing, and occasionally WODing again. Tyler is a CrossFit-certified instructor that brings a great sense of motivation and encouragement to his athletes. His love and passion for training others really defines him as a person. When you take his class, there’s no doubt that CrossFit is his true passion and training others is something that he was born to do.